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Tying the Knot:: Yana & Alex:: Woodend Sanctuary Wedding Photography

When I met with Yana and Alex for their consultation, I knew we were the perfect match for one another. Alex has a true love and respect for photography and Yana is a lover all things vintage. We had such a lovely time shooting their engagement session in Georgetown last spring…so of course I was looking forward to their big day…and then when their big day passed I was looking forward to posting the photos and sharing them with you! Make sure to check out their wedding on United with Love today!

“It’s hard to pick one favorite detail because the day felt so beautiful. All the details came together so perfectly – being surrounded by family in such a beautiful, natural place, all the decor, all the delicious food and drinks, my dress, etc. We both put a lot of effort into it, with lots of projects, and two of my favorites would probably have to be the children’s activity books I created myself for my brother and sister and the other kids with some twig pencils and seeing them actually doing it (it’s fun when people appreciate your projects and efforts) and also the cocktail menus that Alex somehow thought to do the morning of the wedding. I learned right before the wedding that he was running around typing them up and printing them rather than relaxing the way most grooms would be, and it was the best confirmation of why I would marry that guy. He even knew the exact font I would have used myself! Oh, and of course the fact that our best man made the beer.”

From Alex: “My favorite memory was the anticipation.  With all the build-up to a wedding after a year-long engagement, I spent the final hours before our ceremony running last-minute wedding errands.  By the time I actually arrived at the venue, it was only moments before we walked down the aisle and took our vows.  For the first time that day, as I was lining up in front of our wedding party, fully prepared to make an eternal commitment, did it completely occur to me that I was about to do that.  Not months or weeks or days from now, but right now, immediately, and with all our friends and family as witness.  The anticipation of the minutes between making this realization and embracing at the alter is my fondest memory of the wedding.”

“The mix of Russian-American elements, the love from friends and family, having the caterer follow us during pictures to make sure I ate, which I’m very proud to have done because everyone always says the bride never gets to eat at the wedding and I am very proud to have proven everyone wrong who said that. Of course, having my maid of honor lovingly shove bread into my mouth during dinner to make sure I ate enough was helpful too. Love from friends and family, right there.”


Creative Partners:

Planner – Maria Martinez od HJ Planners

Photography: Sweet Tea Photography (Lisa Marie & Michelle Repici)

Catering – Main Event

Bakery – Classic Bakery

Florist – Greenworks

Stationary – Jessica Taich Design (friend in SF)

Hair & Make-up: Alison Harper & Co

DJ & Lighting – Musical DJs

Videography – Drade Photography

Officiant – Joan Philips

Film Processing: Richards Photo Lab